Wichita State Women’s Basketball Conference Schedule

The Shockers Women's Basketball team plays on 12/30 against Tulane at home, 1/2 against Rice, 1/6 against UTSA, 1/9 against Temple at home, 1/14 against North Texas, 1/17 against Memphis at home, 1/20 against Tulsa, 1/25 against UAB at home, 1/27 against FAU at home, 1/31 against Temple, 2/4 against East Carolina at home, 2/10 against FAU, 2/13 against South Florida, 2/17 against Tulsa at home, 2/24 against Charlotte, 2/28 against SMU at home, 3/2 against UTSA at home, and 3/5 against UAB. Season tickets on sale. Call 316-978-FANS or visit goshockers.com/tickets.