Media Alert: Mid Majors are Dead!

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Wichita State University head coach Gregg Marshall talks to press ahead of the first round of the MVC Tournament and he doesn't like that "MM" word.

Q. Coach, when a mid-major has a team that has been as dominant as you all have this season, do you think that's necessarily a good or a bad thing for a conference in terms of representation in the NCAA Tournament and just national profile?

COACH MARSHALL: First of all, Joe, you've got to read more because someone said that "MM" term that you used has been buried. I'm not sure you saw that, but they had the funeral and everything, last rights, it's over.

So we are a non-BCS basketball team that happens to be 31-0. We just don't have a football team. We do have cheerleaders. We have a lot of fans. So repeat your question.