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Words With a Wise Guy #20 – Kevin Hadsell

I got to know Kevin Hadsell when I was coaching at Kent State and he was at Toledo.  He was very successful during his time as a Rocket.  After his coaching career ended, he took up acting and is now involved in a variety of different things from owning his own talent agency to being partners in a construction company.  He’s always been a very interesting and entertaining guy to talk to and we go all over the map during this conversation.  Enjoy! (0:00) Intro. (0:40) Update on what Kevin is currently up to during the Coronavirus situation. (5:15) Thoughts on the Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” and sports in the 90’s. (9:45) How young people are busy creating their own brands these days in both athletics and acting.  We get into the NCAA’s new Name, Image and Likeness ideas and the effects it might have on college athletics. (20:00) We discuss Akron getting their cross country team cut and the impending financial crisis that universities and athletic departments may have and if MAC football makes sense. (39:10) Finally, I ask Kevin what he misses about being a coach and if he would want to return someday.