The Making of Brave New World

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Wichita State University’s School of Performing Arts Dance Program is producing an original experimental dance theater event written and directed by Nicholas Johnson, director of dance.

"Brave New World," was inspired by the 1932 novel from English writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley, “Brave New World” examines what happens to a conformist society when it is confronted by the behavior of an outcast individualist. The performance is a collision of two worlds, pitting a highly structured, passionless society against a new vision brought by a visit from beings outside their social context. Wild, free and curious, these others immerse themselves in the new world, but discover they can never fit.

“Brave New World” is designed to break the conventional boundaries of theater-based performance. Locations for the event was staged at four venues around campus, starting at the Heskett Center pool, moving to outside Hubbard Hall, then inside the Rhatigan Student Center, near the food court, and then on to Shocker Courtyard, outside Shocker Hall.

Take a look at what went into making this multi-disciplinary event a reality.