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Words With a Wise Guy | Episode 12 - Nikki Larch-Miller, Eastern Illinois University

Most Shocker fans will instantly recognize the name of Nikki Larch-Miller for her outstanding career at Wichita State where she was a multiple time All-American and conference champion.  Now she has finished her first year as the jumps/multi coach at Eastern Illinois.   (0:00) Intro. (0:58) Nikki talks about the topic of the day, which is how EIU heard about and is dealing with the Coronavirus. (6:55) Larch-Miller then describes her first year as a college coach and (9:50) why she decided to retire from track and field and pursue coaching full time. (15:50) She talks about how Wichita State has influenced her current coaching style and (18:35) finally what her best memories were as a Shocker.