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Words with a Wise Guy with Coach Brad Hunt, Princeton University :: Episode 11

Brad Hunt is the current head cross country and distance coach at Princeton University. Brad was a teammate of mine at Kent State before starting his coaching career with the Golden Flashes.  He then made stops at Virginia and Wake Forest before settling in at Princeton in 2016.  Brad is an awesome guy and you’ll be able to tell from this podcast why he’s been so successful!   (0:00) Intro. (1:21) We talk about how Princeton and the Ivy League were the first ones to make the decision to stop competing at the outset of the Coronavirus situation. (8:22) Then we chat about how Princeton is currently dealing with coaching and helping athletes at this confusing time. (13:45) We go into a fun conversation about our days at Kent State and how it helped make us who we are today. (24:00)  Finally we end with talking about Brad’s incredible running streak.