The Roundhouse inside shocker athletics with Paul Suellentrop
The Roundhouse
Roundhouse podcast with Mike Kennedy and Bob Lutz

The Roundhouse brings in voice of the Shockers Mike Kennedy and Bob Lutz, long-time chronicler of Shocker athletics and host of The Drive on KFH, to dive into Wichita State “What Ifs?”

Included are links that explain some of the history behind the questions.

Simmie Hill was a Shocker for one intriguing basketball season (1965-66) and his departure likely dramatically changed that era.

In 1988, the Shockers stood one strike away from advancing to the College World Series title game.

How would Wichita State athletics look different if the school had not dropped football in 1986?

In the 1990s, Wichita State considered throwing its influence behind a downtown arena by offering Shocker basketball as the prime tenant. How did the decision to remove basketball from that discussion and renovate Levitt Arena play out?

What if Paul Miller had not suffered a broken foot as a freshman in 2001?

What if the NCAA Tournament selection committee assigned the 2014 Shockers a No. 1 seed in a different region?

How did the NCAA Tournament absences of guard Ernie Moore in 1964 and Dave Stallworth and Nate Bowman in 1965 change the history of Shocker basketball?