Wichita State Women’s Basketball Conference Schedule

The WSU Women's Basketball teams opens their conference schedule against Tulane at home on Dec. 30. The rest of their schedule is: Jan. 3 vs. Rice University, Jan. 6 vs. UTSA, Jan. 96 vs Temple at home, Jan. 14 vs. North Texas, Jan. 17 vs. Memphis at home, Jan. 20 vs Tulsa, Jan. 25 vs. UAB at home, Jan. 27 vs. FAU at home, Jan. 31 vs. Temple, Feb. 4 vs. East Carolina at home, Feb. 10 vs. FAU, Feb. 13 vs. South Florida, Feb 17 vs. Tulsa at home, Feb. 24 vs. Charlotte, Feb. 28 vs. SMU at home, March 2 vs. UTSA at home, and the final game of the season is against UAB on March 5.